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Jo Rohr is the Executive Director and Creator of the 3C’s Methodology.  She served in senior leadership positions with responsibilities for organizational and performance management for over 25 years in manufacturing, government, non-profit, and service sectors.  She chaired the Virginia US Senate Productivity (2002-2013) and became a trained Baldrige examiner. While with Virginia US Senate Productivity led the development of the “12 To Watch” program for small businesses.  She is an Entrepreneur and someone who understands start-ups and changes.  Her contributions have been in leadership and strategic planning with performance measures.  She has served people by working closely with them in training and development, employee engagement, customer focus, and stewardship.  She supported a great number of performance success stories carried out by a multitude of good hard-working people.  She is a graduate of Ohio Northern University with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.      

Jo is a true professional who takes her clients objectives and goals very seriously. She has decades of experience, but can manage to relate information as it relates to quality and performance in a variety of settings and practices. Jo's ability to envision the future, is remarkable. She is a true asset to any business who finds quality and service performance factors within the system important

Debra Riggs

Jo is one of the most competent people I've every met in the field of quality improvement and management. More importantly, she knows how to communicate those competencies to other people--including "hard headed" fire officers! She really knows how to integrate quality into the operations of the organization, not have it as some "stand alone" entity.

Robert Avsec


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